Raising Kids to Understand Consent



This book is a parent's guide to incorporating consent into everyday living with children of all ages. Consent education is divided into three sections: Setting Boundaries, Respecting the Boundaries of Others, and Speaking up with a Person of Authority. 

Each section is divided into age groups so parents can read the follow along and read the portions that apply to their children. Parents will learn appropriate goals for their child at each age and how to talk to their child about each section. Then parents are invited to discuss age-appropriate scenarios with their children in order to further discuss boundaries and options children have when they are uncomfortable. 

Later chapters explore ways parents can recognize Red Flag Behaviors of a potentially danger adult, how to support their child after assault/abuse and what to do if you suspect trouble. 

In the Media

Interviews about consent and how I have used my experiences to help other parents protect their children

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My Body is My Own

Paperback children's book


My Body is My Own is intended to open young minds to the idea of boundaries and consent long before sexuality is a topic. Having a conversation about respecting your own body and respecting others at a young age will help normalize consent for the next generation. This picture book will lead a conversation with your child about how to set their own boundaries and how they should respect the boundaries of others. You will also have the opportunity to discuss what to do if their boundaries are not being respected. Use this book to open a dialogue with your children about how they can come to you when they are uncomfortable. Their body is their own and making this topic a part of everyday living, we are empowering them to know when to come to you.


Lauren K Carlson is a wife, mother and victim of sexual assault who has devoted her life to educating parents and children about consent and boundaries in the hopes of saving even just one potential victim from the pain of assault or abuse. 

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